Hi There!

HI THERE! HI THERE! HI THERE! I Feel Like I’m SO Behind on Blogging and Reading Everyones Blog Post and Twitter Post and Flickr Photos! So Tonight I’m Dedicating Lurking Time! So Be Afraid My Fellow Bloggers I’m Out There to Read Your Posts and If My Internet Allows Me to I’ll Be Commenting All Over the Place. MWAHAHAHAHHA

BUT FIRST! Heres Some Photos from Today, I CHARGED MY CAMERA SHOCKING I Know!!! haha!
SO Jereme Made Me a Bunch of These Peg Board Displays for My Upcoming Craft Shows, We Were Getting Tired of Having Mis-Matched Tables and Thought these Would Be PERFECT to Be Neat and Organized and Look Like a Mini Shop! 😀 I’m Adding Super Cute Colorful Pennant Flag Banners to the Tops of Each of them to Add Some Fun Color and Some Super Cute Attachments I Can’t Wait to Show You When I’m Done!!
SO these Past Days We’ve Been Playing Around with Resin and Finally Put together a Quick Sprinkle Ring and a Fun Skull Shocked Full of Glitter Ring! So Fun! We Have SO Many Other Varieties!! There Not Quite Perfect Yet But Pretty Darn Close!SO Here is an Inflatable Chair I Purchased at the Dollar Tree, Mind You it Looks Big in the Photo BUT NO it’s About the Size of a Baby Doll Chair! I Got it Thinking Oh It’s Kids Size and I Can Totally Fit in it And We Blew it Up and Its Friggen Bite Size!! lol hahahahaha Oh Geez.Pushing Out the Rings!Rose Headbands!!hahaha My HUGE To Do and To Buy Lists!Goodies!Awesome New Ear Muffs! It Would Be So Fun to Try and Make Some! I Just May Have To!Got My Awesome Stickers Together xo

Okiedokie I’m Off to Catch Up on the Reading of the Blogs I’ll be Back Tomorrow!



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