New Plushies!!

Okay SO I’m Excited to Finally Announce New Plushies!! I Made Cupcakes with Sprinkles and Russian Dolls!! I Have One More Special One in the Works Too! YAY! πŸ™‚ I Think I Can Make Plushies All Day Long! And It Looks Like I’m Going to Have to in Order to Be Stocked Up for the Big Craft Show! One Month to Be Exact!! Yikes!!
Have I Mentioned Tomorrow I’m Going to See Eisley???? YAY!! We Saw them Once Before A WHILE AGO! And They Were Great and Now there Playing Again and We Knew We Had to Go See Them Again! Super Exciting!!

I’m Thinking About Having a Quick Sample Etsy Sale this Weekend Like On Sunday with One of Each of My New Items I’m Working on for the Craft Shows that are Brand Spankin’ New for the Sweet Etsy Buyers who Can’t Make it to the Show! I Think I Will For Sure! So Look Out on Sunday!!

Okay I’m Suppose to Be Sewing So I Had Better Get Off! I’ll be Back Soon!!



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