New Camera!

Eeep! We decided to finally invest in a new camera, my old camera was dying, the flash somehow broke and then I kept breaking my lens over and over ugh! So we decided to get a new camera were trying Canon this time! We picked out the Canon EOS Rebel T3i! So far so good! I literally have no clue how to use it, but just use it in auto but I’ll learn one day! It even does movies which looks super fun! I’ll have to figure out how to do that! ha!

Anywho things have been crazy, lots of bad luck lately but were slowly getting out of our bad luck, *knock on wood* 🙂

I decided to finally try and scrap book some of my instagram photos! Heres a couple of photos! Whatta mess! Fun mess of course! I also gave the blog a mini face-lift! Does anyone blog anymore? lol!

IMG_1620 IMG_16151150331_10201940095490255_2083495667_n

I’ll be back laters!



*last photo by Logan Westom*


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