Craft Room News!

Exciting News! My Craft Room was selected to be in Studios Magazine!! It’ll be featured in their winter issue this year, and I’m beyond thrilled! So after hours of cleaning and organizing and getting photos taken I thought I’d share some detail shots of it! Theres a bunch of photos so I figured I’ll just share a few here and there! 🙂



sarah-studio-1531 sarah-studio-1552 sarah-studio-1573 sarah-studio-1746 sarah-studio-1708 sarah-studio-1596

*all photos were taken by Logan Westom Photography (


4 thoughts on “Craft Room News!

  1. Woohoo! Congrats! I haven’t bought that magazine in a long time, but I will definitely pick that issue up when it comes out!:)

  2. Curious as to how you got selected? I think it would be fun to have my room featured, but no idea how to go about it! Thanks in advance for your tips.

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