New Print!

So I decided to try and make a series of prints of my favorite things! First up the ol’ mighty blue mason jar!! haha! Seriously something about blue mason jars just make me so happy! Usually there so darn spendy but I found a ton of them at Good Will for 99 cents each and bought all 10! 🙂 I’m a blue mason jar hoarder and i’m proud to be one! Ha! Anywho! I’m going to do some more probably 4 more? I’m thinking vintage deers, coffee, cameras, and one more? We’ll see!! I hope you guys like! I’d love to hear your input! 🙂 I’ll try to put these guys in the shop super soon! They’ll be the usual $5!




4 thoughts on “New Print!

    • Thank you!! I know I was shocked!! They didn’t have the prices on them, so I took them up to the register and shes like um 99 cents each? And I was like YES PLEASE! ha! 🙂

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