And it’s done!!

And it’s done!!! What do you think? I think it turned out pretty cute! Not too shabby for my first attempt! I’ll try something different next time but i’m excited it’s nice and relaxing to do it which is a plus! 🙂 Anywho thought I’d share! Thanks for taking a peek!! Any suggestions or comments would be wonderful!

In other news! I’m asking people/customers if theres anything specific you’d like to see in my Etsy shop! I’m going to do a store update hopefully by Monday and I’m taking any suggestions so I can get some items I know folks will love! 🙂 So if you have any suggestions let me know! Headbands/Clips/Plushies/Pins/Cowls/Etc! 🙂

Hope everyones having a great night! Off to finish a cowl! 🙂





3 thoughts on “And it’s done!!

  1. The best bit of advice I can give a new seller is to create an account with Endicia . In the beginning I was taking orders to the Post Office and waiting in line. This was a complete waste of my time. Using Endicia, for a small fee of $15 per month and the purchase of an inexpensive postal scale, I print ALL shipping labels from my home.

    • Thank you so much for the advice!!! I heard of Endicia I was wondering if it was good or not! Thats so good to hear its a great tool! Ill definitely look into that it’s hard to deal with the post office all the time! Can you do out of country orders as well?

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