Bathroom Re-Do!


It’s that time again where I decide to Re-Do a room in the apartment! What better place then the bathroom?! I decided to do a black and white theme! Black and white theme living areas seem to be pretty hot right now and I can see why! It looks so comfy and relaxing! And since I already re-did the rest of the rooms the bathroom looked like my best bet to re-do  in black & white! So I went on and searched my brains out and came up with these items to purchase! I’m so excited!!

Right now its owl theme! Which is super cute but I thought its time for a new change! New season is a brewin’ time for new bathroom! 🙂 Heres what I bought!

UMBRA Cross stitch art! Omg the coolest thing in the universe! It comes as a set of 40 plastic x’s and you create your own cross stitch design on the wall! YES! I bought it in black since the bathroom walls are white and I was worried the white would blend in too much!

UMBRA Tissue Box Cover!  Okay I bought this because A) its the cutest thing in the universe! and B) Why not?! And it was so cheap I just had to! It comes in a few colors but I went with the white to make it feel more modern and artsy I lurve it!

A Steal Street Black Skull!  I just love skulls and I think this is an everyday skull not a holiday skull if that makes sense… 😉 I’m excited I think it’ll look great in the bathroom! 🙂

UMBRA Shower Caddy in White!  I just like the design so much and it looks super functional! Plain and simple!

UMBRA Penguin Foam Soap Dispenser!  I was worried I wasn’t going to find a cute black soap dispenser and then I found this one thats both slick and so adorable I can’t handle it! It looks like a penguin and it’s a foam dispenser which I love because I swear the foam soap last longer! 😉

Amazing Black and White Stripe Shower Curtain!  I just love it! Seriously love it! Simple and Perfect the End! 😉

UMBRA Grassy Organizer!  So cute! I have the green one thats much bigger to dry our dishes but I thought this one would be great to hold tooth paste and what not! Not so much tooth brushes since we have the electric ones but it’ll be nice to store tooth paste and maybe floss? 🙂

Ashley G Progress Print!  I love this so much! It’s simple yet amazing! I cannot wait to get it in the mail! Plus its a bigger size which will look great on the wall! I have a black frame waiting for it!


Anywho! I thought I’d share my ideas and once I recieve everything in the mail I’ll take a BEFORE and AFTER shot to share! Yay!

Hope everyone is doing super! It finally got into the 70s today! THANK GAWD! I can wear clothing and not well.. SWEAT! Score! 😉

Till next time!





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