Hey… Remember me?

haha! Ah… Its been a long time since I’ve last blogged! Yikes! Things have been a bit hectic to say the least! I’m working on moving EVERYTHING into the apartment which is cray cray haha 😉 I never knew how much stuff I have until now! GEEZ! Safe to say 80% of is craft supplies 10% clothes 10% shoes and accessories! 80 + 10 +10 =100% Just checking if I did the math right…! haha!

I’ve also been listing a few new hair accessories to the shop! Check it out if you get the chance! I’m working on a few new things as well so we’ll see what else arrives in the shop soon!  🙂


Lets seee….. what else is new, not too much! I start back in school in September for my second quarter at AAU excitinggggg! Although I’m loving relaxing in the sunshine and sleeping and not doing much of anything I’m only slightly looking back to going back to school! Blah oh wells!

I’m heading to the apartment to hang up some new shelves we bought at Ikea so I’ll make sure to take some photos and post them in a bit! Things are shaping up!

Anywho this isn’t much of a post sorry! I’ll have photos to share in the next one I promise! In the mean time visit me on Instagram if you have it! Username: ohmydeerlove

Have a super day!




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