The Cat!

This post is dedicated to my cat Kitty… well just because she’s cute, and I wish she would get along with my dog Molly but she kind of refuses to do so! Does anyone out there have any tips on getting a cat and a dog to get along? Its such a bummer! 😦

So I’m not sure If I explained how we got Kitty. Jereme was living at an apartment with my one of my friends, and she kept waiting outside their apartment door and meowing and everything so we decided to give her some tuna, and well she came back to the door everyday and then we decided to take her in, and she escaped a couple of times but always came back, and well shes been with us since, she was so skinny when we got her and now shes healthy and perfect! Minus her bossiness with Molly things are good! Im thinking shes just being very protective about her surroundings and the apartment thats why she doesn’t want Molly around, but I’m not sure, she tried to attack Molly once before and I got in the middle quickly lol. But we did get her de-clawed so we’ll see how things go. 😦

Any tips would be great!

Hope everyones doing good, we went over to the apartment and my parents emptied a bunch of shelves so we can start bringing in the new furniture so tomorrow I should have some photos to share! Yahoo! 🙂

Until then! Have a great nite!!



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