I’m Back!

Yep! I’m back in action! After a long break I thought it’d be fun to start blogging again! So I’ll be switching around a few things through out the week for a fresh new start! 🙂 Woohoo! So lets see I’ve been busy doing school for the past 8 weeks which is going good I’m learning a lot about Graphic Design and I’m excited to learn more! Although I just may be switching schools because my tuition is out of control expensive but we’ll see about that in the upcoming months! I’ve been crafting a lot as usual, and finally moving all of my stuff into the apartment wahoo! I’m first working on my new craft room so I thought I’d share some photos so far, beware its a scary before shot but i’m hoping to do another shot this week to share! 🙂 I’ve been having fun shopping at Ikea looking for new storage and what not, I’m doing an all white theme with pops of bright yellow and black, I figured all of my supplies are bright as they are and I’d hate for everything to clash too much. 🙂 Oh and did I mention I found a new love? Yep Polka dot felt!! bahaha no really Im obsessed Im afraid I might be turning into a felt snob since all I want to do is use this amazing felt rather then the store bought stuff. 😦 But I’m finding myself hoarding it and just wanted to look at it rather then cutting into it haha. Ah I’m crazy. Anyways. Heres some photos via Instagram. (username: ohmydeerlove) 🙂

Yep, I’ve been having fun with new craft ideas! I have so many ideas I just need to remember to write them down so I won’t forget haha! 🙂

The last photo is part of the ‘before’ shot of my new craft room, haha yes its scary, we’ve been organizing and going through my boxes of stuff to see what we can give to goodwill or to friends! So much stuff and sadly thats not even a TINY bit of my stuff good grief! 🙂

Heres some of the items I’ve bought for the room so far, I already have some white shelves but I needed to get a few more items so I picked these out so far! 🙂

Don’t you love that rug?! I’ve been on the hunt for a black and white chevron rug, but they are way expensive then I found this one online for $37 with free shipping and I said uh yes!! I went back to order another one but they were sold out! Phooey! 😦 But this may or may not go in the craft room it may go under the couch in the living room we shall see! 🙂

Okay enough jibber jabber! It feels good to be back and I’ll write soon!



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