Vintage Finds!

Today Jereme and I went thrifting before he had to go to work and I scored lots of beautiful vintage fabric! Seriously I hit the mother load! So exciting! I can’t wait to make some pretty hair bows, headbands, and lots of other goodies!

My mom gave me the idea of when I find some vintage fabric to cut one square out of each fabric to make a quilt! So eventually after I find enough vintage fabric I’ll end up with an amazing vintage quilt! Yes!! The best idea ever! Im super excited about it! Since sometimes I find beautiful fabric and Im afraid to even cut into it thinking that Ill mess it up or something so now Ill always have that fabric with me but it’ll be made into a quilt! 🙂

I also found 4 of the CUTEST vintage little girl dresses! Seriously If I had a little girl I would keep these for her but since I don’t they will be up for grabs in my Oh My Vintage! Etsy shop by the end of the day! Yay! They are gorgeous and in great vintage condition the peter pan collars made me melt haha I love them!! Wish they were in my size!! 🙂

I’ve also been working on getting organized which really seems like a never ending project! haha! I dread the thought of moving since Im now getting organized here and Ill have to pack it all up and get organized at a new place! (which may be coming up soon! moving! such a grown up thing to do haha!) So I snagged up a couple wooden organizers at Michaels last night for 50% off!

Oh and one more thing we went to SCRAP in Portland and found BUCKETS I mean literally BUCKETS full of plastic letters and I got lucky got enough letters to spell out Oh My Deer and Jereme got MEH and I found a big S and a big J the letters were seriously $1 each!! HELLS YES! 🙂

Oh speaking of Portland I dropped off a bag full of Oh My Deer! goodies at the Craft Wonderland shop so if your in the Portland area go take a peek! Tons of amazing stuff by such talented folks!

Oh notice the rain boots? Missioni for Target! Hell Yes! I went there about 5 days after they released the collection since I didn’t have any money at the time so I didnt want to bum myself out and go the day of the opening haha So I waited till I had the money and we went there and they had ONLY kids clothing, kids shoes! thats IT! haha BUT thankfully I have small feet and fit into a kids size 4 HOLLA! So I snatched up these rain boots which Im so happy since its been raining cats and dogs here lately! Woot!

Okiedokie Ill be back later to show better photos of the dresses for the shop as well as some new cross stitch necklaces for Oh My Deer! shop!



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