Ruffler Smuffler!

So today was the day……… I got my RUFFLER FOOT IN THE MAIL can I hear HUZZAHHHH! haha No really I was so excited Ive been stalking my usps delivery confirmation and this morning it said delivered so I ran to the mail box only to find 3 bees trying to get into the mailbox and I have yet to get stung and am terrified of bees so I decided to wait till they left!
ANYWHO I got it and it was a pain in the BUTT to figure out how to get the darn thing attached to my machine let alone to figure out how the heck to use it haha but I did some how magically managed to get one headband done! SCORE!
I used this amazing green floral fabric I found at JoAnns tonight seriously though $10 a yard psh crazyness but it sure is cute! I went to another craft store and found these awesome fabrics! Which will be turned into headbands here shortly if all goes well! Woot! 🙂Seriously though fabric adds up! I spent $25.00 tonight and I was like holy crap but I mean Im pretty excited about the patterns I got! So oh wellllll! haha

Okiedokie Im off to make some more headbands! Wish me luck! Oh and if your interested the headband I made tonight is now available in the shop! $5! Oh and the 3 headbands I made in the last post are also up for grabs at $5 a piece!



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