Creepy Finds!

This post is simply to frighten you! Vintage finds I’ve found lately at a few local thrift shops that caught my eye and well….. scared the poo out of me! …not literally.. but ya’know! 😉

this doll was some what creepy? maybe its just her mouth? yeah…? or that dead stare.. hmm. 😉

this old lady statue! hahahaha oh man just a bit creep!

a huge yo gabba gabba costume! okay.. so hes not really creepy but he looked really lumpy and sad looking just chillin there without some wearing him.. haha

oh and last BUT not least this lovely cat wall hanging! oh yes i totally almost bought it JUST to freak people out for $1.50 YOU my friend can enjoy this in your house! 🙂 Do you think Jereme will take me back to buy it…? 😉

Have you found anything creepy lately at thrift stores? Amongst the creepiness I did find some amazing finds lately photos to come I promise! But they do include a baby pink sewing machine, the cutest owl dish, and lots of other awesomeness!

Woot! I hope everyone is doing super fantastic and i do hope the above images don’t show up in your dreams tonight! mwahahhaha 😉



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