Fall? …already?

So yesterday Jereme and I headed over to Lowes to get some paint (we seem to be on a re-painting EVERYTHING spree i’ll show pictures soon!) And I looked at a tree where we parked and the leaves were already changing colors!! Eeek! Im actually really excited for Fall although Iam enjoying the sunshine and warm weather its just the HOT weather I can’t handle and actually it’s not even REALLY hot considering places like Texas and Florida are in the 100s! and Were in the early 80s over here! haha! Ah maybe its the tights? sweathers? hoodies? I’m looking forward too? I think so! ha!

Anywho I forgot to show a fall leaf headband I made a few weeks ago! I’m going to list it in the shop after this post! I’d love to know what you think! I’m not so sure if I like it but I think it’s growing on me!

I used a fun variety of fall color felt and stitched it up like nobody’s biznass! Then added some sparkly brown glitter to one of the leafs! Woot!

Okiedokie I hope everyone is doing fantastic and I’ll see you soon!


Oh and guess what! I got my glasses in the mail! Heres a photo before I had them prescribed so mind the ray-ban sticker haha! Its so nice! I got them back from my eye doctor and I can see things so clearly!


3 thoughts on “Fall? …already?

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