Instagrams as of Lately!

Heres some instagram (username: ohmydeerlove) photos from this past week! I’ve been busy working on some more items for the Crafty Wonderland shop! Also working on re-organizing this mess of a craft space! Eek! I did happen to re-arrange things on my walls which turned out quite nice! 🙂 Sorry Its been a bit quiet on this blog I’ll be back in full gear soon! Now lets get to the photos shall we! 🙂

Lots of things going on in the above photos! Including 10 amazing vintage blue ball jars for $6.00! hells yes! Im organizing my Oh My Deer! goodies for now in them until I can figure out a better use for them! Also I figured out that I can put all of my Martha Stewart glitter on my white cupcake stand! Wahoo! And of course theres photos of Molly! Anywho I had better get back to cutting felt out!



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