New Eyes!

Today I went to the eye doctors to take a peek at my eyes to see if I need to get a new prescription and sure enough I needed to which is bad but super fun since that means I get new glasses! Wahoo! 🙂 I tried some on but nothing seemed to be the right pair then I tried on some Raybans and I fell in LOVE! Here is the pair I picked out!

Super cute and retro meets modern in that awesome way? I just love them so much! I get them in about a week which is awesome! Oh and the gorgeous Keiko Lynn has the same pair! I did order some warby parkers to try on just to get for an extra pair so we’ll see how those go! 🙂

On a random note I found this app on my ipod called I’ma unicorn and maybe Im just easily amused but Its so funny I love it hahaha 😉

Do you guys have any favorite apps? I’m still loving instagram so much! 🙂 Tomorrow were getting ready to have our last garage sale of the year so I hope we get rid of a lot of stuff so we don’t have to haul it all to goodwill! haha we’ll see!! 🙂

Oh the other day a friend of mine on facebook told me her daughter went to the Crafty Wonderland store and purchased one of my wreaths for her bedroom door with her very own money!! I died of happiness and quickly made her a matching custom name banner to mail off to her to say thanks! I’m thinking about listing them into the shop for anyone who wants a custom one with their name or maybe a fun saying! 🙂

Okiedokie hope everyone is doing super!



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