Garage Sale Finds!

Today Jereme and I went garage saleing! Well we just going to go to lunch at Sushi Land then somehow ended up garage saleing and hitting up some thrift shops! Which ended up with some fun finds!! 🙂 Heres what we found! 🙂
A huge beer pinanta! I’m starting to collect pinata haha thats right yet another thing Im collecting amongst the million other things! 🙂 Jereme was pretty excited to have a beer can pinanata so we had to get it! 😉
We found 2 awesome vintage Christmas lawn ornmaents!! Wahoo! (errr yes im collecting these too! lol) I’m excited about these I keep finding the big candles and I have a couple of those but have been wanting other ones to add to the collection so Im pretty excited to find these guys! 🙂

And I finally found a dala horse!! All the way from Sweeden! Its soooo adorable Im excited to find one after reading Katies blog post about her adventures in Sweeden! 🙂
Oh and yesterday I found this great horse painting at Goodwill too! Its beautiful the photos def. don’t do it justice! 🙂

Tomorrow me and my parents and aunt are going to the Largest garage sale here in Washington and I’m SUPER excited I sure hope I find some more goodies!! Okiedokie I hope everyone is doing fantastic and I’ll see you tomorrow!


ps: did you notice the blog re-do? how do you like? i think im happy with it!! i added a daily reads section its a never-ending list so ill be adding more in the near future wahoo!


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