The Laundry Box

So my parents and I decided to go out to Battleground and check out the Goodwill and see what they had and I spotted out of the corner of my eye SCALLOPS and okay there are a couple of things that I go crazy for when I see one would be glitter the other would be SCALLOPS haha! Seriously anything scallops seriously cannot be ugly!! ANYWHO! I found it and I was confused as what it was exactally and my mom told me its a hamper! Wahoo! I knew it had to be mine and I knew it HAD to be painted seriously brown scallops? um no!

SO above is a before shot! A sad looking scallop laundry box doo dad! And now here are some in the process of painting it a nice crisp glossy white!

We put 2 coats of primer and have so far put 4 coats of white gloss paint over it and it still needs like 4 more coats to get it looking nice and crisp! Seriously I absolutely hate the ugly process where you can still see the original color under the white ughhhhh! But all in all im happy its coming together!

Oh and its blue inside! Which I actually kind of like but its a pretty sloppy paint job so were thinking of getting a nice robin eggs blue or tiffany blue paint for the inside! We’ll see! 🙂

I’m not going to use it as a hamper though Im going to put all of my huge collection of wrapping paper in it! Its the perfect height and I can’t wait to finally finish it! Which if all goes well tomorrow it shall be done! Yahoo! Ill show photos tomorrow but for now Im back to getting some items done for the CW shop!



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