A Hair Clip.

Today I made my first hair clip in what seems like years but really is only like what a month or two? I used some scraps of white and creme muslin and some lace from a dress i turned into a top! And kaboom it was born! Sorry its a crummy photo my light bulb went out and all I had was a yellow-y light bulb boo-hoo! 🙂

My ear is getting better *phew* I emailed my doctor and he told me to stay home and keep taking sudafed and tyneol and don’t come in unless i have a fever over 100 and am in bad pain! So Im goood to stay home yay! Its amazing that you can just email your doctor instead of going into the hospital and getting ever sicker then you came in with!

Anywho I hope everyone is super I should be back to blogging normally from now on! Wahoo!

See you later!


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