Make Up and Photos! ;)

Random post I found my ipod touch today which is now my new favorite thing to take photos with and I decided to take some random photos to share!

First things first we have to do our own makeup for my sisters wedding and seriously I have no clue! My sister took me to Sephora to get a makeover for my birthday and I ended up looking like a clown and it was so awkward and horrible! So we went to Victoria Secret and I found some nice glow-y natural makeup! MUCH BETTER! PHEW!

SO I think I have everything I need except I need some mascara and foundation? and possibly eyeliner? If I can figure out how to put it on right….? ;D haha heres what I have so far! Some Tokidoki Lipgloss! Random Victoria Secret Makeup! Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow! (hell yes im a big spender ;D) and Some Too Face Lipstick!

I don’t know if you can even tell that I have the makeup on in these photos but its the only one that turned out haha ;D I just want a natural look ya know? Add a lil bit of glowy goodness and were good to GO!! hehe I can’t believe its almost here!! EEEK!

I did get the tutu’s done and im almost done with the ring bearer pillow then Im SO close to getting the garder done but I’ve miplaced some of the swavoriski crystals (yeah i know bad new bears!!! eek)

Oh and holy moly have you seen these bobby pins? They are the power of like 20 bobby pins (so it says on the box!) they are amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg! I can throw my hair up in a bun and use these lil guys and it holds up even without an elastic!! Hell yes I can’t believe it took me so long to get them!

Okiedokie now for the random photo dump!

I found this lil vintage toy that was my brothers in the garage and I took it and im not giving him back he’s just too cute!

Jereme bought me a couple of the Blythe littlest pet shop dolls for my bday! So cute!

I got these lil plastic containers with lil scoops to store my sequins and buttons!

Heres a random pile of shoes that are missing its pair well actually i see one pair that is a match in this photo whoops!

SUPER cute deer necklace I made eons ago!

I have so much things to add to the etsy shop its nuts and I’m afraid I wont get everything in until I get back from vacation! 😦 But i promise it’ll be a super shop update!!

Okiedokie im off to bed and to wash this makeup off! ;D



3 thoughts on “Make Up and Photos! ;)

  1. omg, that totally happens to me, why do shoes/socks always get lost? I love that bobbypin thingy, works like a charm. have a nice weekend:)

  2. i used to have that EXACT doggy hahaha!

    oh also, those bobby pins are totally amazing! i have thin hair so i wouldn’t need them but wow!!! i will have to tell my curly haired sis about them!

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