TuTu Much to Do!

Today I have a kajillion and 1 Things to do! I have to finish one more tutu for my sisters flower girls gifts for her wedding and then I have to make a ring bearer pillow and possibly some flower hair wrap doo-das! And I have a list of things to make for the amazing Crafty Wonderland shop! Wahoo! Anywho enough of me complaining when I should actually be doing these things instead of typing haha I wanted to share some quick photos I took of one of the completed tutu’s!

My friend Savannah taught me how to do tutus thank goodness without her I dont know how I would have figured out how to do so! Anywho I made it with 2 different pinks! One has tons of glitter in it SO cute and then I also used a burgandy color! And I added some pink ribbon and some felt purple flowers to it! The flowers are actually little brooches so they can move them around or wear them on there shirts etc! And a matching hair clip! Sooooo much fun I sure hope they like them! Okiedokie I’m off to finish dem’ tutus! woot!!



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