New Items in the Shop!

Finally I’m slowlyyyyy getting items into the shop! I have a kajillion new things to add so I’m adding new things daily errr nightly? 🙂 So far here is some photos of some new items available now! 🙂

I have lots more like banners, shoe clips, rose headbands, hair clip, plushies, staches on a stick, rings, more jewelry and tons more to add so keep checking back! 🙂

Oh and my birthday was nice and relaxing I’ll have to post some photos!! 🙂 Im soooo incredibly busy getting ready to go to England in less then 2 weeks!! Yikes! Im excited but terrified of leaving Molly the dog here at home were still not 100% sure where shes going! So thats making me go nutso! And on top of that I have to make some things for my sisters wedding im going to start that today! Sheesh!

Anywho I hope everyone is having a great weekend and I hope to get back to blogging more often after all this crazyness calms down a bit I know i’ll be bringing my laptop to England for some fun posts! Wahoo!


Goodnite everyone!



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