I’m Here I swear!!

Yeah so i’ve been having crafting crisis and have been working like a worker bee to get things done! Still have a mile long to-do list of things to get done! Sheesh! I’m in a freak out mood at the moment so I needed a wee lil break!

How is everyone?? I miss blogging! I can’t wait to get back to route of things once things have calmed down! Woohoo! Oh and I forgot to thank my last month sponsors SO much! This month I wont be having sponsors or next month due to crazy busyness and i’ll be out of the country for a few weeks in June! But I hope to have sponsors for July! 🙂

Lets see heres some photos of what my work space looks like at the moment via webcam be kind haha 🙂

All the crafts are made with the help of mello yello! god bless that stuff!!

Anyhow I apologize for the mess it will get fixed soon….. i hope! 🙂 Okiedokies OH wait i did make new tags!!! seriously so excited about them heres a couple photos!

AND I saw this on a blog I seriously can’t remember which blog for the life of me, so if this was on your blog let me know!! 🙂 I can’t stop drooling over it!! Does anyone know where to get one??? Or I’m thinking maybe they are just decals?? Ahhh I need it!

oh and i found my old glasses! shoot wearing glasses feels so good on my eyes haha and today i got a phone call saying my prescription has expired and i need to get my eyes checked again! poo! well new glasses is a plus!! 🙂 okiedokie back to crafting!



5 thoughts on “I’m Here I swear!!

  1. The Pioneer Woman was giving those mixers away on her blog a while back. Love them!!!

  2. I love those!
    i’va pistachio mix master that one of these decals would look lovely on,
    i hope someone finds out where it’s from!

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