Oh hello there!

Hello! It’s been a while!! I’ve been crazy busy seriously only like 9 days till i have to be done with EVERYTHING for the show and i’m like half way done ughhh! Now i’m in total panic mode which is not fun at all! But I wanted to drop by and see how everyone is doing!! Did everyone have a great Easter? I hope so! 🙂

So heres some photos of some of the stuff I’ve been working on!

The finished shoe clips! In a fun variety of colors!

Jereme brought home this cute where the wild things animal is for only $5 from borders! so cute!

I picked up a couple of these cute mushroom stakes that you put water in the lil mushroom and it waters your plants! amazinggg! 😀

i whipped up some of these lil baby rose bobby pins! there SO friggen tiny its so cute!! i seriously squealed when i saw the lil bobby pins at the store! 😀

I made some mini flower bouqet brooches for the show! Perfect for mothers day!! 🙂

I also made some mini bow bookmark clips! Super fun and i’m making ’em in lots of colors woohoo!

aaaaand a ton of other random goodness has been made!! 🙂

Jeremes been pretty busy getting ready for his booth for the show as well for Love Badge! he’s already made almost 2,000 pins! geesus!! 😀

We also found this amazing brownie at goodwill today for the collection its not in the best shape but its sure cute!! 🙂

Okiedokie i guess that’s it i better get back to work! Hope everyone is having a great start of the week!!



One thought on “Oh hello there!

  1. holy crap i nearly died when i saw those shoe clips. i really want to buy them ALL off you!! plus the randomness in the other photo… i spied a deer ring!!!

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