Today i got a new phone! Now mind you its nothing special really but my sad old phone that I’ve had for over 2 years has now retired rip my dear phone! ;D and hello new motorola charm! its a year old BUT it was FREE seriously free of charge and it has a touch screen and has wifi HELLO 21st century shoot i feel so updated now hahaha but i thought i’d do a photo dump of random horribly quality photos from my old phone! 😀

ooo the memories!! 😀 well another exciting thing happened a few days ago I had my first dominos pizza online order experience!!! go ahead and laugh but im totally in love! we ordered the pizza and then it popped up a bar doo-dad and it says ben the pizza guy is now preparing my order, THEN it said he is now cooking it THEN it said its ready for pickup!!! holy crap we were amazed and it was delicious! Seriously 15 minutes of pure amusement! I can’t wait to do it again!! 😀

I’m still working on getting ready for the show so sorry about the not so many blog posts! oh and im dealing with hair color issues!! i dyed my hair a red color and it turned out super splotchy and just sad looking so im now waiting it out to fade a bit then fixing it! sheesh haha good times!

anyhow i hope everyone is doing super ill show everyone what ive been working on tomorrow!


ps: happy easter weekend!!


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