Today I hung out with my friend and her adorable daughter and we had lunch at Jack in the Box and went to Target (it’s a tradition! ;D) Then we went and saw Gnomeo & Juliet!!! FINALLY!!! It’s not in the big theaters anymore but it finally made it to the $3.00 movie theater and we had to see it! And lets just say that……. I LOVED ITTTTTTTTT!! Seriously it was everything that I expected it to be! And I can’t wait to get my hands on it and watch it over and over again! Seriously sooo stinkin cute!!

Anyhow! They surprised me with these adorable Hello Kitty socks!!! They are the knee high ones i loveeee ’em!!

Then I found this fun friendship making bracelet kit at the Dollar Tree which I had a kit before but I gave up on trying to figure out how to do it so I figured I would try once again!! 🙂

I also got some amazing gummy bunnys today sooo dang good!

And I came home to 8 packages of crafting supplies!!! YAY! its like christmasssss heres a sneak peak hehe 🙂

I can’t remember if I showed this but I found some printed felt at Joanns the other day and got the pink leopard and some zebra im not sure how they will look so I just got one of each! 🙂

Oh and I forgot to show you guys my friend Crystal asked if I could make her a mini dog plush of her dog and she got it in the mail the other day and sent me a photo of her pup next to the one I made!!! Isn’t he soooo cuuuute!! 🙂

Alrighty I’m off to craft im FINALLY getting started on crafting now that I have some supplies yay! Oh and ill post the bridal shower photos tomorrow I promise! OH one more thing there will be yet another awesome giveaway tomorrow yay!!

have a great night!



3 thoughts on “Toooooooday!

  1. Oh my gosh i have that friendship bracelet making kit from dollar tree! its kinda hard to figure out but once you do the bracelet turns out AWESOME!!!

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