Im here I swear! I’ve been fighting some pain in my sternum this past week!! ugh! I think I pulled something or bruised something or atleast ‘google’ says i did! lol. So ive been taking a few days off from the computer and crafting since I seem to hunch over and focus like that for hours which makes it worse so now Im trying ibuprofen to see if that helps!! lol. So that may have not been of any importance to anyone but I wanted to say that is why i’ve been a bit absent! im finally getting caught up on emails and what not, I hope to get better asap so I can get back in the route of things! woohoo! How is everyone doing?? I hope super! I’ll be back tomorrow with a not o text-y post! ;D

goodnite loves!



10 thoughts on “eek!

  1. ooh self diagnosis, i love it hehe xxx

    i am doing okay, but sorry to hear you have been feeling crap! i had my brothers wedding last night so i am sooo tired. i can’t bring myself to do a blog post yet hehe.

    • heck yes!! im so self diagnosis its nuts!! lol hehe im so afraid to go to the doctors ill only go if its like a life or death situtation lol ;D oh my goodness congrats on your brothers wedding!!!! how fun!!

  2. ok i totally feel for you! on monday i trapped a nerve in my neck – totally unlucky. was so sore. Had deep heat and painkillers all week.

    What did i go and do yesterday?! put my back out and trapped a nerve in the base of my spine. I cant stand up straight, i cant sit down and i can hardly move. Luckily im high as a kite on painkillers lol and hot waterbottles galore. Its SO difficult to lie down and not move ANYTHING.

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