New Headbands!

I made a couple of headbands last night out of the blue and here is what came out of it!

A fun easter theme one with a cutie pie chick on top! And a purple pansy flower one! They are now officially in the shop! Hooray!

We went to Good Will today I found this amazing cookie jar or maybe a recipe jar? Im not sure but I know im in loveeee with it!!! It was $3.00 and I scooped it up! I can see buttons or ribbon in it soon! ;D

I also found a cute vintage elephant planter and a cute little mug that I plan on getting a mini cactus to put in it! Did you know I collect vintage planters? I should take a photo of them my collection is starting to growwww. 😀

Today is officially St. Paddys day!! YAY!! I’m a quarter Irish and the only part I think that I can see that makes me feel irish is my love of potatoes hahaha seriously in LOVE! lol ;D My mom is making her corn beef hash, sausages, potatoes, and cabbage and guiness of course! Jeremes going to attempt to make a shepards pie and possibly some of his soda bread! Yummm! I’ll take lots of photos! I did whip up a quick headband to wear today since the only green shirt I have is a size to small and well that won’t work out to well haha

And yesterday me and Jereme made some oatmeal raisin cookies for his grandpa (were going to go visit him today yay!) and well they were suppose to look like this…..
and ended up a crazy blob looking thing but they do taste good, we figured we used the wrong type of oatmeal so it ended up being more like a granola bar. Ill show you today! oh well!

okiedokie I’m off to bed! don’t forget to enter the giveaway and there are some spots left for sponsors! woohoo!



4 thoughts on “New Headbands!

  1. love those headbands! i was going to wear green today also but i realized i just got rid of my last green shirt! lol! 🙂


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