Advertise on Oh My Deer! for April!

Its the Middle of the Month the 15th! Can you believe it! This month has been flying by! So today I thought I’d let you know that I’am now calling out to sponsors for April! April will be filled with fun tutorials! recipes! other fun posts about my daily crafting life and much more!

For $3.00 You will Recieve a 105 x 105 ad space that can be linked to your lovely blog or etsy shop or anything at all! 🙂

Not only do you get your very own ad space you will also have a one on one post all about YOU! I’ll do a fun interview about you and your life and hobbys, etsy shop etc! And if you want you can even set up a giveaway that i’ll host just for YOU on my blog for extra exposure! Or if a giveaway isn’t your thing and you’d like to do a guest post about anything of your choice maybe a recipe? tutorial? some fun story? That would be amazing!

My blog is growing everyday and I’d love to share the love with you! Let me know if your interested or have any questions do ask away! 🙂

Oh and did I mention that ALL $3.00 goes to a fun giveaway each month?? Oh and I’m going to double each $3.00 to go towards the giveaway so it’ll be extra special!!

If commenting isn’t your thing fill free to email me at

Also if You’d like a bigger ad space let me know and i’ll give you a price quote! 🙂

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my sales pitch and I’m looking forward to working with YOU! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Advertise on Oh My Deer! for April!

  1. I’m definitely interested in sponsoring. Possibly even for a larger ad? Let me know! Thanks! 😀

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