A few days ago Jereme and I ventured down to one of our favorite antique stores and I found a vintage ball jar filled with vintage plastic letters and numbers! There sooo much fun! 🙂 Im still trying to think what I should do with all them but I like them for now in the jar! And come to think of it I like a lot of my collections of little things in jars, seriously so many jars! I’ll have to take a photo of all these jars haha 🙂 oh geez! 🙂 Anyhow! I did make a quick ampersand necklace with a simple shiny silver ball chain! It’s now in the

shop! 🙂

Heres some other of my favorite Etsy ampersand items for sale!

Its such a nice and simple symbol! I just love it! 🙂 Anyhow! I didn’t do a whole lot today really! I woke up around 2:45 almost 3! eeek! lol It was sooo nice though! Then I did some cleaning and ended the day with some wii playing! Tomorrow Im off to the post office and I suppose more organizing and hopefully throw in some sewing as well! 🙂 What are you up to tomorrow? 🙂

Hope everyone is having a super weekend and Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!! yay! Thank You SO Much for everyone who has entered I’m so excited to see who wins!!!



6 thoughts on “&

    • i found a A!!! its a smaller A though! 😦 ill make it and show you a photo to see if you like it! If you do im mailing it to you, your NOT buying it miss Jodie!! xoxo

    • hi donna!! OF COURSE i can make you one!! i would have to drill holes into the 37 so they can hang on a chain, but it would still be super cute ill work on it hopefully today and show you a picture to see if you like!! 🙂

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