Today in Photos via Ipod Touch!

Still Cleaning! I did charge my ipod and snapped some photos real quick! Super fuzzy and blurry but hey thats okay right! haha 🙂

SO Today consisted of laundry! WOOHOO SO MUCH FUN! ……not! 😦 Seriously laundry is by far the worse thing in the world! And when I think I’m SO close to being done I find a huge pile of laundry in another corner! Yikes! Speaking of laundry have you ever washed ALL of your clothing and then realize while hanging up everything that you hate just about EVERYTHING you own! lol my god seriously sometimes I just want to take everything and kindly throw out the window! Maybe thats just me? haha Anyhow! I thought I was all out of hangers then magically in my closet I found a huge kidrobot bag full of hangers SCORE!

Im also pricing and putting things away for a big garage sale were having in may before our trip to England! woot!

Oh we found this shelf that holds your ribbon and other misc. goodies and even has 2 drawers at Michaels on clearance! Woohoo I even made it myself mind you! And the funny thing is as soon as I made it I found that I had like 15 different screws and dowels left over Im thinking I must have missed a step or two? haha Oh well! It looks pretty crappy in the photo my bad! 🙂

We got a better basket for my felt to be stored in instead of this gynormous blue bucket so Jereme sorted all the felt out woohoo!

Oh and I found this lovely pendant Kerri gave me that you embroider on it!!! How amazing is that?? Im trying to think of something neat to do on it!

And I leave you with a photo of the pup!

Tomorrow were going to Ikea for dinner with family and then watching Vampires Suck and then some more cleaning and organizing and I imagine some more laundry! Super eventful yeah? 🙂

Alrighty o! I’m off to hang up clothes!

Take care everyone!



One thought on “Today in Photos via Ipod Touch!

  1. I always love your posts about life! You have such amazing stuff!
    And I can’t wait to see what you embroider into the pendant!!!

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