I’ve been doing some spring cleaning here and there and I stumbled upon some random goodness I thought Id share. Not that its really interesting or anything but just because? i guess? haha 🙂 anywho here we go!

First of all I gave in! Jereme bought me some combat boots! 😉 There actually SUPER comfy!! I remember when I was in elementary school and all I wore was Doc Martins and I loved them sooo much, and I must say these reminded me that I do love boots like these hehe Thanks Target clearance!! 🙂

I found this teeny little tomato pin coushion that you velcro on your sewing machine at a thrift store for 29 cents!! It was brand new in a cute lil package I died and had to have it!!

Oh and I found this adorable owl trinket box at Urban Outfitters a while ago! Soooo cuuuute!

This teeeeeeny tiny Canada plate I found for 49 cents!! I had to scoop it up! Its now the Kerri plate!!!! hehe 🙂

Speaking of Kerri I got this awesome postcard from her today!!! Shes too sweet!! Im going to hunt down some washington post cards tomorrow!!! 😀 hehe

Oh and I found this lion hamper at target for $5 and said YES!! I just may remember to shove the laundry in the lions mouth and not the floor! So far so good!

Martha Stewart Glitter on Clearance? yes Please!!

Oh and I found this cutie pie owl we got last week, then we realized I ALREADY had one!! lol haha so Im thinking this will go in a blog giveaway hopefully this week!! 🙂

Oh one more thing I got my fifi lapin fabric in the mail the other day!!! Eeeek Im so excited I’m going to make a pillow this week out of it! Yay!

Anyhow I’m still doing some cleaning, and Jereme is ALMOST on spring break and that means that apartment will get super clean and tidy and possibly even re-arranged!! woot! 🙂 Do you spring clean? Are you on Spring Break? Any Plans? 🙂

Okiedokie Im off to finish up some cleaning and I’ll see you tomorrow!!



2 thoughts on “Cleaninggg

  1. Hehe! You have a Kerri plate! I’m so honoured!
    And I’m glad that you got the postcard! I wasn’t sure it’d make it to you!

    Sarah, you have the cutest stuff!

    • yay to the kerri plate!!! 😀 and oh my goodness the postcard made my day!!!!! it came SO quickly!!! im trying to find a post card now to mail you back!!! i swear there extinct around here!!

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