Update, Cotton Candy, Failed To-Do List…!

Well I just got done adding a few things to the etsy shop! I added some earrings a necklace and a couple of headbands! I still have a bunch more stuff to add and I’m working on some sewing goodies and a wreath too! Yay! 🙂 Also I’ll be bringing back some rose headbands and some trio rose hair clips as well oh and plushies! Lots to do and make I’m excited! Oh and Jereme added some new badges to Love Badge! He officially took over Love Badge so that cool! 🙂 Heres a snapshot of some items in the shop! 🙂

I’m feeling uninspired at the moment so I’m taking a break from crafting for the night and eating cotton candy! OF COURSE hehe. So I was reading this disclaimer and thought it was funny it says ‘The Fun Sweets smile guarantee applies to typically pleasant individuals. If you are a major grouch that doesn’t smile at a puppy or a rainbow then even we can’t help you.’ hahaha I love it! Its SUPER tasty too and only a buck! Woohoo!

Oh on crafting news I did make a To-Do List! Of course once I made it I felt accomplished and took a nap hahaha I swear everytime I make a to-do list I feel like okay i’m done I can sleep or watch tv now lol 🙂 Sheesh! I need to get kicked in the rear with motivation!

Alrighty I’m off to bed! I’ll be back tomorrow! Were celebrating my moms birthday and that should be super fun! 🙂




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