Favorite Shows!

A Random post for the week! My favorite guilty pleasure tv shows as of lately! Do you have any favorite shows? Id love to know!!! 🙂

Cake Boss!American PickersClean House!Jerseylicious!Pawn Stars

Hm… Cable has turned me into a reality tv show nutso!!! Lol 🙂 Anyhow its the best stuff to watch while crafting!!! I Love it!

Did you notice the new blog design? Yay! Finally!! It needed a new look so we’ll see how long it stays this way! Make sure to check out all the new links in the navigation menu bar doo dad! 🙂 Its still a work in progress but well on its way phew! I’ll be back tomorrow!

Have a great night!



4 thoughts on “Favorite Shows!

  1. I watch Cake Boss too makes me hungry when I watch it though. My husband and I like to watch American Pickers too. I think I love American Pickers and Pawn Stars because I love to go thrift store shopping and find cool vintage items, just like you! Love your new blog design! Pretty, simple, and functional.

    • Yessss!! Cake Boss makes me sooooo hungry I usually have to either run to the store after watching it to get cake or search in my fridge for SOMETHING sweet hehe! and thank you so much!!! theres still some tweaking to do on the blog but its getting there!! 🙂

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