Hi World!

Hi blogger world! I’ve been so busy lately its been nutso! At the moment I’m doing some touch ups on some glitter deers for the Crafty Wonderland shop! Speaking of Crafty Wonderland if you’ll be in the Portland, OR area on May 7th You should apply to be a part of the Crafty Wonderland Spring Show!! Its a blast I love it sooo much!! Applications are due by March 1st so get crackin!! 🙂 CLICK HERE to apply!!

I’m going to dedicate all week for updating my etsy shop and a giveaway!!! *FINALLY* 😀 Im hoping to have the giveaway posted either tomorrow Monday, or for sure Tuesday!! Yay!!! 🙂 So keep an eye out!! 🙂

I got this super cute re-useable tote from Joanns today! I LOVE IT! Its so big and perfect and seriously a ruler handle??? hell to the yes!! 🙂

Oh and the other day we went to Urban Outfitters and I got this super adorable mug! for only $2.99 mind you! 🙂 It says Forever and a Day! Adorable!

Lets see what else….. Oh at Target last night I found this adorable plaque!! PERFECT! And its pink which is always a plus in my book haha 🙂 Its going to go in the kitchen at the apartment! Woot! Speaking of cupcakes Im going to the college on Tuesday to get my classes all set up for summer!! I can’t wait to bakeeeeeee!!!

Sorry all my photos today are via webcam! 🙂 Oh one more photo Jereme got his new R2D2 in the mail yesterday! His broke in January and we finally got a new one in the mail! Yay! I’ll have to do a video tomorrow to show him in action!! hehe

Okiedokie sorry for the randomness i’ll be back tomorrow! Have a super end of the weekend!



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