Hello There!

It’s 1:43 in the am, and i’m working on the merch for the crafty wonderland store! I sadly didn’t get some of my supplies in the mail today so Im short on some merch poop! 😦 But i’m keeping busy I have a ton of stuff to do so it looks like it’ll be an all nighter! 🙂 Not that i’m not up all night crafting anyhow ahhaha. :]

Last night it snowed like a crazy person like TONS of snow! then it almost all melted over night and then it started snowing again and we decided to take Molly for a walk! She wasn’t a fan of it, and decided to turn around and run home lol hahaha its so cute! But I did manage to get a quick photo with her somewhat cooperating with me! 🙂

Anyhow i wanted to say hi and i’ll be back later today with another post! I made a new silkscreen tonight and I have a fun new product im working on!! I hope to have a sample done tomorrow to show you all and I really want to do a giveaway it’s been too long!! 🙂

Have a great night errr morning?



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