A few new items in the shop yet again! :)

A Few New Items in the shop including a new whimsical headband, a fun hair comb, and a bunch of gnome brooches! I’m working on a wreath to add into the shop tomorrow or for sure tuesday, and Im in the process of adding more jewelry in the shop! Yay! 🙂

It was a pretty relaxed day my dad loved his presents including the camera yay! He’s still trying to figure out how to use it, so we’ll see how that goes! haha. I couldn’t find that shirt STILL i swear i must have thrown it out by accident if thats even possible? haha

Anyhow heres a few photos, he took most of the photos so I don’t have many photos of the food and what not, but the sliders turned out amazingggggg! And the cake was SO chocolately i loved it!! 🙂

Tomorrow will be post office day, crafting day, and relaxingggg! Tuesday I go to Clark College to go to a meeting to for work training for people who were or are on unemployment and since I was on unemployment in the past 24 months I’m qualified for this program that will let me go to school for free! 🙂 Sounds a little to good to be true, so i’m going to find out whats the catch! And what programs they have to offer! 🙂 We tried to go last thursday but couldn’t find the room for the life of us until it was 15 minutes into the meeting lol. I feel like i already talked about this….. lol. sorry if i just repeated hahaha

Okiedokie. Well i’m going to work on the wreath now, I’ll be back tomorrow!



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