Doodadoolalalala….. [i can’t think of a subject title!]

Today is my dads birthday!!!

The whole family pitched in and got him a nice camera so I’m excited to see what he thinks of it!! And we got him some other goodies too, including a t-shirt that I completely lost!!! SERIOUSLY has that ever happened to you??? I put it in my room I showed my mom and then I threw it back in my room and have LOST IT!! Ive turned the whole room upside down and i just have no idea, ughhhhh i just hope i didn’t throw it out on accident!! Shoot. so we’ll see if i ever find it!!

Anyhow! I did do some crafting Heres a peek as to what will be in the shop later today! I just ran out of time to take proper photos for etsy so they’ll be in the shop as soon as i wake up i promiseeeee!! đŸ˜€

Oh and jereme came home from work and bought me the sally hansen nail polish doo dads that the lovely Kaylah blogged about!! I was SO excited to try them and they turned out super cute!!! They would look even better if I #1 don’t bite my nails! #2 if my nails were bigger!! I swear my fingernails are baby sized sheesh but all in all i love them!! and I can’t wait to try the other styles! Go over to Kaylahs blog and check out hers!! I love ’em!!

Okiedokie I’m off to try and search one more time for that shirt!! wish me luck! i’ll be back later with photos from the birthday shin-dig! Me and jereme are attempting to make slider burgers for everyone!! woot!!



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