SO Today we went and ventured out to Target to hit up the day after Valenties Day 50% off goodness!! I scored some big pink heart pillows which I seem to get every year but this year they seemed to be made pretty darn good so Im happy I shouldn’t have to replace them next year but we’ll seeeeee! I also got a super cute cookie jar, I totally forgot to take photos darn it!

After that we did some thrifting I found this super adorable lil bunny since ya know Easter is a brewin!

And Jereme found the big score this awesome owl mug for 99 cents! I was thrilled since all the other items at the thrift shop were SUPER out of price and that makes me a bit frusterated ya know? It’s a thrift shop that the profits go to a special cause yet they still charge $200.00 for a HORRIBLE sofa hmm…?

Anywho I did make two new headbands and they are in the shop! πŸ™‚ woot!

I think I may have figured out my laptop lacking internet connection which is not allowing me to comment on blogs :((((((( or blog in general. I emailed my wifi system and they told me how to lock it! HOLLA! So i did so and we’ll see once i get off the main computer if it works I sure hope so!!

Okiedokie I’ll be back tomorrow I’m going to go back to the thrift store to see if this awesome vintage chair goes lower in price cross your fingers!! πŸ™‚



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