So today we did some thrifting!! Well technically we went antiquing we went to a super big antique store downtown that we go every now and then but this time we hit the jackpot!!

Heres what we found…..

A GLOBE LAMP!! It gives off such nice lighting i love it!! Mind you it was only $3!! Holy moses i was so excited!!

An adorable vintage bunny lamp!! The lampshade isn’t vintage but it does work well for now!! 🙂

My very first weather house! I think thats the name…. lol. 🙂 This was my favorite find EVER!!! It was $9 and i was like okay im so getting it because Ive been dying to find one and its literally in PERFECT condition and then jeremes like its actually 75% off so who got it for $2.25?? me!!! dying of happiness right now!!

And I got a couple of vintage thermoses!! Im going to start collecting these babies since I see them around quite frequently and I find them soooo cute!!

Jereme found this vintage pull back toy! Super fun!

Oh and I got this dog planter! I have a quite a collection of vintage planters!! Yay!

Oh yeah and heres a photo of the cookie jar i got yesterday I forgot to post sorry its just his head whoops 🙂 and heres a quick photo of a shelf i got that fits my pez perfect its in need of major TLC so i didnt take a great photo of it im working on fixing it up tonight! 🙂

Oh and I forgot to say I woke up to SNOW so techincally it was almost all melted but everyone said it was snowing really bad all morning whoops. heres the moo outside! 🙂

Oh and one more photo I promise check out these hello kitty legos!!! well techincally they mega blocks i think? meant for little kiddos but i about died and had to get a couple and they even have a HUGE hello kitty house i had to resist myself!

Okiedokie I Just had to share my finds before I forgot!! Yay! Im off to clean up a massive spill of mini beads on the floor :[ whoopsies



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