SO i’ve been having much blog drama lately for like the last WEEK! AH! my laptop just WONT let me blog at all! so dumb!! But i’m using my parents and everything seems to be just peachy!

I’ll have to send myself some photos to post on this computer so i’ll just say that I added some new hair clips to the etsy shop if you haven’t had a chance to take a peek! 🙂

Oh and the crafty show went well! It was at times slow but all in all it was nice! 🙂 I have a TON of photos to share as well! But heres a few photos from my facebook fan page!

Tomorrow im going with my mom and sister to see how my sisters wedding dress is looking! And thats about it really!

I dropped off some wreaths at the Crafty Wonderland pop up shop today! I’m so excited to have them for sale there!! It’s a great feeling!

Oh and check out my horoscope from yesterday!! Perfect!!

I can’t wait until tomorrow is over so I can get back to working on the Etsy shop refilling it will TONS of goodies!! If you have any suggestions on what I should re-list or add to the shop let me know that would be great!!

OH and is anyone going to see the gnomeo and juliet tomorrow???? I MUST!! Seriously I can’t wait I’ve been dying laughing at all the commericals!! 🙂

Alrighty till tomorrow! Goodnight!!



2 thoughts on “Eeeep!!

  1. Sarah,
    The gnome pin I got from you was a big hit at work. I wrote about it on my blog. Check it out if you get a chance I think you’ll love it! Have a great weekend friend!

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