SO Today we went and dropped off my art piece for the Love Show and of course we forgot the GPS so we knew where Stark st. was but had no idea where the building was after almost an hour and half we found it and dropped it off! YAY! 🙂

OH and guess what????? Jeremes cousins wife purchased my piece!! ALREADY!! YAY!! im so happy its going to a great home! 🙂 thanks Pam!!!! XO

Oh heres a photo of the finished piece! I added a big glitter heart and some wire wrapped with twine for a fun balloon effect hehe

Then we dropped off some glitter deers to the shop and went home and Im working on some wreaths for the Crafty Wonderland store! woohoo!! I got one accomplished tonight and Im going to do a heart one and probably another round one if time allows!

Oh and I made this super cute headband! I love it! I’m going to put it in the shop right now!

Oh and Molly thought my strayfoam head was a real person………. and decided she was freaked out and attacked it and barked at it non stop until she realized it was NOT a person hahahaha dork. 🙂 Speaking of her shes STILL scratching her ear!!! arg! So were taking her to the vet tomorrow just to see if the medicine isn’t working or not! :[

alrighty im off to bed!



6 thoughts on “Today

  1. Wow, your piece turned out great! I remember the one you made for last year with flowers too. I even purchased a mini version of it and it’s hanging in my craft room.

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