Mini Etsy Shop Update!

So I thought I’d go ahead and list a few new items into the shop today! Yay! The Wreath is in the shop! The two flower bouquet brooches I made! And a few new hair clips! The shop will shut down on Friday in preparations for the upcoming Bargain Hunting 101 Craft Show! So get it while it’s hot! 🙂 hehe

The cable is out right now, and its so quiet its nuts! I just may fall asleep before 4:00am! woohoo! I forgot I had to make a painting or some piece of art to turn in for a art show in Portland called the Love show and I wasn’t really sure what I was going to make but I figured felt flowers will do the trick and So I cut and cut and cut and cut until my fingers hurt and glued onto a canvas and then added a cutie pie gnome with a watering can because ya know you can’t get all those flowers without a gnome! 🙂 hehe Its fun and cute! Im thinking of glittering his hat so we’ll see!

Oh we went to a thrift store today and I found this awesome 2 tier table it was this horrible dirty white color so I painted it a bright yellow still a work in progress! lol. I wanted it to match my ikea bright yellow table but we’ll see I’m thinking of re-painting it a nice green but we’ll seeeeeeee.

Okiedokie im off to bed!



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