One day I think I’ll be tired of felt, but I sure hope it’s not anytime soon! I finished the wreath just minutes ago! So it has flowers ALL over it including the back! 🙂 Its nice and fluffy I love it! Im now working on some trio rose hair clips for the Crafty Wonderland shop! Then Im making some staches on a sticks! Phew Im pooped! Then this coming week I have to get ready for Bargain Hunting 101! So this means the following week i can sleep hahha 🙂 Heres some quick photos!

Oh we ended up taking Molly to the vet around 8:30am (thats a record for me! So early!) and she did end up having a yeast infection in her ear! poor thing! we got some drops from the vet and she’ll be on it for a week! Im happy shes going to start feeling better soon!

In a totally different subject I went jean shopping today, and man seriously jean shopping is the WORSE! Do you find that as well?? Im so jealous of gals who go into the store and know there size grab the first one they see try it on and BOOM perfection! :[ Lets say after some tears and a migraine or two I didn’t find a pair of jeans today! I hope to go back out once I get some more confidence!

Anywho im off to get to work on these hair clips! Goodnight!



2 thoughts on “Today!

  1. is the wreath going in the etsy shop? 🙂 bc I need to be the first to know ps
    I hate jean shopping too – I’m not tall and I’m not super thin so it’s always crappy lolol

    • awe yay!! i miss you becky!!! 😀 it will be in the etsy shop! 🙂 im going to do an update tomorrow morning and ill make sure to post it in there!! 😀 im so happy you love it!!!

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