So Todays Daily Photo (19/365) Is a Photo of All My Trio Rose Hair Clips Finished and Ready to Be Bagged and Tagged for the Crafty Wonderland Pop-Up Shop! Hooray! I Managed to Get 9 Done So I’m Pretty Happy with that! 🙂

Its Neat that I’m Getting Quicker and Quicker Making them! I Need to Make Some for the Etsy Shop Now! lol 🙂

That’s Really all I did today! I Did Play Some Skeeball on my Ipod Touch today! And I LOVEEEEEEE It! So While Playing I Decided I wanted to redeem my tickets and went to the prize section and look what I could have won if I had enough tickets!!! a Keyboard Cat of COURSE!! lol. Hilarious One day i’ll have enough tickets ONE DAY! hehe

Anywho tomorrow I’m off to the post office, then the store, thennnnnnn were going to get NOODLES! NOM NOM NOM!! 😀

Sorry this post is short but I have some custom badges to make!

Have a Super Night!



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