Some of My Favorite Ladies!

I really don’t think I could explain how thankful I’am to have met these amazing and sweet bloggers! I never would have thought I would get to meet such lovely ladies when I started blogging, and I wanted to thank each of them SO much for being the kindest and dearest pals! Im super thankful for each one of you! And I’m SUPER thankful for all my readers new ones and old ones you are amazing and Im forever grateful for you guys!!! xoxo Now everyone go check out their blogs although I’m pretty darn sure you’ve checked them out by now! 🙂

Miss Kaylah from The Dainty Squid

Miss Viviana from She Likes Cherries (she just started a blog recently!!! eeeep so excited!)

Miss Chelsea from A Tea Talk

Miss Lizette from Creativity Lizette (she also just started a blog recently!)

Miss Becky from Strumpets Crumpets

Miss Olivia from Secretly Loves Pink

Miss Silje from Little Bird Crafts

Miss Diana from Our City Lights

Miss Jodie from Kitty Robot

Miss Kerri from Hello Lovelies

Theres Hundreds More I Can List but My Mind has Gone Blank and I Do Believe I Should go to Sleep Now! 🙂

Goodnight Blogging World!


*all photos belong to the lovely ladies*


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