Todays Photo is of 9 pairs of scissors I found today while cleaning my craft room chaos!! I Loose scissors like crazy and end up buying a new pair or taking a pair of my moms or Jeremes and we kept finding more and more and more! lol 🙂

Oh and today I made a quick felt macaroon hair clip! 🙂 Not perfect but it sure is cute! I’ll be putting it in the shop tonight if anyones interested! I remember trying to make macaroons last year, and failed horribly! 😦 I hope I try making them again! we’ll seeeeee!

Alrighty O! Im off to work on some goodies for the Crafty Wonderland pop up shop! Yay! See You Tomorrow!!



3 thoughts on “10/365

  1. do You think you can come over to my place and locate all my lost scissors? Im pretty sure I have about 6 pairs….someeeeeeewhere! But I can only ever find the one crappy pair! hehehe.
    crafters disease symptom – I sometimes consider tying them all to long long strings, and tying it to something lol

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