It’s Day 9 of 365! I’m So Happy that i’ve stuck out this long! I guess it hasn’t been that longggg but I didn’t think I would keep up this long! Woohoo! So Tonights photo is of My Blythe doll! I’ve finally taken her down off the shelf and decided she really needs a makeover! I see all of these amazing bloggers who have lovely Blythe dolls with the cutest outfits and I believe it’s time for her to get a little makeover! Yeah? seeing she has her original dress and i do have her shoes and socks in a drawer somewhere! lol. 🙂

Anyhow I was browsing on Etsy and found these cutie pie clothing and accessories! I’m thinking about trying to make her something on my own like hair accessory maybe? We’ll see! 🙂
[beretminnie mouse earsheart hoodiefeather headbandraincoat]

Today was a Super Day though I got an email from Crafty Wonderland asking if I’d like to sell some of my goodies in their shop downtown Portland, OR! YAY!!! I’m completely excited about it!!! This means starting tomorrow I got to get cracking on making some special merchandise! Hooray! 🙂

Tomorrow were ordering a birthday cake for my aunt from My FAVORITE cupcake place in the world Treat Bakery over in vancouver, wa! I’m SO excited!!! eeeep! Then I have to stop by the post office and then craft! Nothing special! Okiedokies I’ll be back tomorrow!!

Oh and Miss Molly wanted to say hello! 🙂 Shes getting more spots on her belly! it’s so cute! She gets a bunch during winter time for some reason then they go away towards the warmer weather! lol 🙂



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