Day 8 of 365 is a Photo of the Mantle De-Christmasfied! I Took down all of the christmas goodness but I did leave up the pink house with the cute little trees I dont really think they look to Christmasy more like Wintery! If that made sense! hehe

Today Jereme took me out driving today and I took a few quick photos with the Ipod touch so don’t mind the fuzzyness hehe.

So the story of the car it’s a lovely ’87 ford escort lol! My parents bought it for me used (of course! duh haha) innnnn 2003 i believe! and i was so exciteddddd and i got my permit then so much went on for the next couple of years and i started working like crazy and just never got around to getting my license (this is my excuse haha) SO now my dads been driving it since 03 and now i get to practice driving in it! woot! I practice in this car since its the smallest one we have and I tried driving my moms and i literally felt like i was driving a huge boat! Lol.

Anyhow! notice the last photo! heck yes i parked super awesome! ;D that mind you was my last parking job so the ones before the photo weren’t too good! lol. We just practiced in my old high schools parking lot since im still freaked out about driving on the street ALTHOUGH i did manage to drive on the street for like 2 seconds to get from one parking lot to the other! 🙂 Tomorrow were going to practice some more! Im actually really excited!!

We also finally played one of my christmas presents Donkey Kong returns!!! SO much fun!!!

And we decided to categorize and alpabetize the dvds! haha goooood times!

Alright time for bed!! Goodnight!!



2 thoughts on “08/365

  1. No worries. My boyfriend, now husband, taught me how to drive too. I even cried a few times when he was teaching me but I don’t think you have to worry about that with Jereme. Can’t wait to read the post that says, “I got my license!” from you!

  2. awe thanks so much lizette!! I can’t wait to finally write a post one day hopefully super soon that i got my license!! 🙂 and yes for sure definately felt like crying while practicing!! it’s hard stuff!! :[

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