The Bridesmaid Dress!

So last post i mentioned my sister brought over my bridesmaids dress for her wedding and i wanted to share a photo of it! Here it is in all its glory! its a blush pink but my sister says its ‘cotton candy pink’ SO either way its PINK haha 🙂 and the sash is a taupe color although my sister is not a fan of the color it was the wrong taupe so were going to make some new ones! But don’t you think it looks like a wedding dress??? lol. holy moses maybe i should keep it and dye it white and save it for the big day hahaha. awe. but really i guess it has to be this snazzy since its going to be held at a castle in england lol 🙂 princess wedding? yeah i think so!

Oh and she and her fiance (he actually is her husband already he’s from england that’s why there having the actual big wedding over there long story! lol) they just came back form visiting england to meet with the wedding planners and florist and cake person and there photographer decided to take some quick photos in front of the castle where it’ll be held at, i don’t think i was suppose to steal these from the website so that’s why they are a bit small….. lol sorry 🙂

Alrighty I’ll be back later taters!



4 thoughts on “The Bridesmaid Dress!

  1. One can only contain so much jealousy BUT DAMN I WANNA GET MARRIED IN A CASTLE IN ENGLAND AND HAVE MINI COTTON CANDY BRIDES AS MY BRIDES MAIDS!!!!! whoa, lucky girl!!! Try the dress onnnn!!!! take pictures!!!!!

  2. lol aweee rachael i know its so nuts!! she knows what she wants and MUST have it her way hahaha oi vey haha 🙂 an dill soooo take photos with it on, i just need to loose some lb’s so i can breathe when i wear it lol

    • isn’t it like a wedding dress??? 😀 oh goodness her dress is huge and lots of flowers and goodness it’s seriously princess-y! i want to post a photo but im worried her fiance might seeee hehe whoopsies 🙂

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